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-- Description --

The arcade archery game you never knew you needed! Hit the target area to advance your journey through this colorful world. No loading - each level seamlessly blends into the next!

-- Features --

  • Fire arrows by setting the angle and power of each shot
  • Advance through four beautiful environments.
  • Fight the wind to score hole-in-ones. Try to keep a streak going!
  • Increase your high score by using fewer arrows
  • Track various stats and achievements
  • Procedurally generated terrain - the game never has to end!
  • Online leaderboard

-- About --

I'm a game developer based out of Massachusetts. I've been developing games as a hobby for the last 3 years or so. I like to make small, polished experiences, catering largely to my own gaming interests. I have also worked on websites and open source hardware projects, some of which you can check out at my personal website (https://epbarger.github.io/).

Endless Archery was originally a game I developed for the Pico-8 fantasy console (https://epbarger.itch.io/endless-archery-pico-8). I've always enjoyed artillery-style physics games, so Endless Archery was my attempt to create something similar. The original version got a fair bit of traffic, so I decided to turn the concept into a full fledged mobile game.

-- Credits --

Design & Programming: Evan Barger

Art: Anna Barger (my sister!)

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